Friday, July 8, 2011

Youth Football Playbook

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Here is where you will find the most simple and easy to use playbooks for Youth Football, Pop Warner Football, and Junior Pro Football. 

Our playbooks are written for beginning coaches of Youth Football, but have valuable information for all coaches at all levels.
Get your information from coaches that have experience. Over 35 seasons of combined experience on the .EZ Playbook staff
Get your information from a collaboration of coaches instead of just one view point. Being able to put two heads together, one Defensive Football Minded and one Offensive Football Minded on each playbook closes gaps, and eliminates things that just do not work.
All our playbooks include
  • Example Diagrams
  • Simple ways to integrate the playbook into your system
  • Step by step teaching points
  • Coaching Points
  • Building Block Design
  • Support directly from the author

Get your copy to scout opponents, and get to know their schemes. You can never have enough information. The key to coaching football is knowing as much as you can about your opponent. Good coaches get information from every source they can.

The Offensive Playbook focuses on the Wing-T Offense, a motion base distraction, and confusion offense that looks complicated but is as easy to run as it comes. Built on simple principals, and easy to use blocking schemes, the Offense Playbook is perfect for those looking for an entire Offense or just a few simple plays to integrate into an existing Offense.
Written by a Coach who has experience in all levels of Coaching from the absolute beginner of Youth Football up to the highest level of High School Football. Coach P understands the need for a simple easy to use Offensive Playbook for the youngest beginners of football, to youth who are just ready to enter the high school ranks.

The Defensive Playbook focuses on the 3-3 Stack Defense. This may be a more common defense than you think, but it is written in maybe a slightly different way than you are used to seeing. The 3-3 defense is also known as; the 5-3 defense, the 3-5 defense, the 3-3-5 defense, and even more. The Stack Defense is an attacking defense, disrupting the offense through movement, stunts, and blitzes from all angles. The defense is meant to confuse an offensive blocking scheme. It is an aggressive free wheeling style of defense meant to let the players play, and not think. Perfect for Youth Football.
Written by a Coach who also has experience in all levels of Coaching from the absolute beginner two hand touch players, to the highest level of High School Football. Coach Kip knows that the easier you make a defense the more likely for success.